Drift (Series)

Through the years Thomas developed an artistic vision that intertwines with the skateboarding mentality. In his mind architecture is not for principal purposes only, it is also an inspirational force that inspires the expression of one's personal creativity.

For his graduation project 'Drift' Thomas Klein Horsman is discovering the possibillities that occur by combining architectural elements with his signature organic shapes. These playfull organic shapes resemble a spontanious reaction to its architectural counterpart in the composition.

By combining the figurative and non-figurative elements a dialogue between these two start to occur.

close up 2
close up 3
close up 4
close up 1

Fluid Response II, 68 x 85 x 20 cm  (Price on request)

Fluid Response I, 58 x 55 x 14 cm  (Price on request)

Untitled, 60 x 73 x 22 cm  (Price on request)

Untitled, 75 x 69 x 20 cm  (Price on request)

Untitled, 69 x 76 x 16 cm  (Price on request)