'Through the years I developed an artistic vision that intertwines with the skateboarding mentality. In my mind, architecture is not for principal purposes only. It is also an inspirational force that inspires the expression of one's personal creativity. 
My practice is about depicting the artistic view of a skateboarder by making art that resembles the same way of looking. How I can express myself by using the architectural elements around me is the base of my practice.'


HKU Product Design (2016-2020)

HKU Propedeuse Bachelor of Design (2017)


Maxime Ansiau
Lennart De Neef


2020    FOMA, Culture Cube x AK24 - Stadhuisbrug, Utrecht
2020    Springplank - Tivoli Vredenburg, Utrecht


2021    PADA Studios, Barreiro, Portugal 
2021    Object Rotterdam